Flexible Fees and Dynamic Batching

Out-of-the-box Compliance

Simple API Packages and JavaScript Plugins

Group Payment Capabilities

Recurring Charges and Autopay

integration filetypes

Simple Design, Uniquely Powerful

Have a product or platform? Building something in-house? Take advantage of our unique payment architecture with our extensive api.

  • API driven modernized account boarding process
  • Simple plugins let you focus on your platform, not payment compliance
  • Seamless ACH/Card abstraction
  • Questions about how to integrate? Contact Us!

Boutique Service Mentality

Starting out as a bootstrapped startup, we built our base by providing amazing, individualized support to each of our customers. Though we have grown into a national organization with customers ranging from first time landlords to national portfolios, we remain committed to delivering that same level of personalized support to all our clients.

Enterprise Stability

Together with our parent company, i3 Verticals, we process over $15 billion annually and provide bank level security that is second to none. i3 Verticals, Inc is Nasdaq listed and fully PCI compliant ISO of Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo among others. PlacePay and our partners take privacy and security very seriously. Any sensitive information is encrypted a level above industry standard and is only accessible to you the customer. Learn more about our bank level security.

Safe illustration

Reason #71

It’s the only check you still write.

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